Male: 14 years old
Previous school attendance 2013: 18.7%
FLO Connect attendance 2014: 95%

“I was wagging school, starting fights, swearing at teachers and people down the street, breaking the law, running from cops and other stuff before FLO Connect. I found out about FLO Connect from Cindy at Youth Connections and Joshua. I came to FLO Connect to get somewhere in life and my education. I want to be working full-time doing automotive or something that I can do good with my maths like working at a bank or something for maths skills”

Female: 17 years
Previous school attendance: 0%
FLO Connect attendance: 100%

“I was at the bottom. I wasn’t at school; I had no friends and no career opportunities. I went to Youth Connections to see how they could help and they told me about FLO Connect. I was so excited about starting there. I met the staff and they were all so friendly. I made some great friends that I adore and even made relationships with the staff. I wanted to work in childcare and found out I had to have my year ten or equivalent so FLO Connect enrolled me into a short course that gives me my equivalent. It made me so happy. Now, only about a month later I’m studying childcare and I’m doing my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. I could not thank FLO Connect and Youth Connections enough for how much they have helped and supported me during my journey”

Male: 14 years
Previous school attendance: 17%
FLO Connect attendance: 96%

“I used to sit around the house and do nothing when I was expelled from school for almost two years. Once I was expelled from school I was referred to Youth Connections. They suggested that I come to FLO Connect. Since I have been here, I am doing Certificate I in Vocational Preparation. I have done an internship in retail at ‘Game Traders’. I don’t know at the moment what my future will be but I hope I will be rich and famous”

FLO CONNECT  Telephone: (03) 5018 8612

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