How do I apply

How will the entry/referral process take place?
Agency staff will be able to refer young people who they believe are eligible and willing to attend FLO Connect. A referral form will be completed providing background information about the young person. Agency staff will assist the young person through the intake process and beyond. Parents and young people can refer through Youth Connections.

Who is eligible to be considered for enrolment at FLO Connect?
Young People who have been disengaged from school for a significant amount of time will be considered for entry into FLO Connect.

Every attempt must be made to reengage a young person in mainstream schooling prior to consideration for enrolment.
Referral, Triage, Enrolment Process
1. Referral – forms received by FLO Connect Co-ordinator

2. Triage with Young Person – Co-ordinator to complete triage form with young person

3. Enrolment Interview – Co-ordinator to conduct interview with young person to complete specific FLO Connect forms and determine possible home group / mentor / case manager

4. Two week trial enrolment for Young Person

5. Case discussion – to make final decision regarding enrolment – Campus Co-ordinator, Case Manager and Mentor

6. Enrolment process completed – Young Person commences
Referrals can be found on the DET (Department of Education and Training) website and can be accessed and submitted by the young person’s school that hold the enrolment.

FLO CONNECT  Telephone: (03) 5018 8612

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